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Kiku looked up in the sky, the sky was a beautiful azure blue, it is a fair weather today despite it being hot. He waited for his best friend, Maria to arrive in the park so they can hang out. "Hey! Kiku!" A certain filipina greeted him. "Ohayo* Maria-chan." Kiku greeted her politely. "What do want to do today?" his best friend asked.

"How about we'll get some ice cream" the Japanese male suggested.

"Sure" She smiled. And they walked down the path to get ice cream.

After a few minutes they were now sitting on the swing set while finishing their ice cream. Maria finished first and popped the last piece of cone in her mouth. Even though they ate ice cream, they still felt hot under the summer sun. As Kiku finished his ice cream he wiped some sweat off his brow.

"You know, I kind of hate summer" Maria mumbled as she stroked a cat's fur while she swinged herself softly. Kiku looked at her, and the Filipina returned his gaze and smiled which made Kiku blush. Little did the Filipina know that Kiku has a crush on her since she arrived on their neighborhood

"C'mon let's get home, it's getting late" He said as he got up from the swing. As they walked by the street, the cat that Maria was carrying jumped off her.

"Hey! Come back!" She called and ran to chase the cat on the street. Suddenly the stoplight flashed red and a truck was speeding towards her.

"Maria-chan!" He only called to get her attention but the truck still crashed on her. "NO!!!!" HE screamed as he saw his only crush's blood all over the street. He almost choked at the smell of her blood and his loss of his only friend. "This is no lie" a figure said. Kiku looked to find the voice's pwner to see himself. only in darker clothes. The other Kiku vanished and everything went black.

Kiku woke up in his bed. Frantically looking for his phone to see what time and what day is it. As he found his phone he looked at it and relieved.'It's still August 14 at the same time where that incident happened. I still have the chance' He thought to himself. He got dressed and called Maria if she can come to the park with him.

Everything happened just like in his dream. The ice cream, a walk in the park, even the cat that the young Filipina cradled. Just like what happened last time. The cat jumped off Maria's arms and ran for the streets. Before maria could chase after it. Kiku caught her shoulder.

"How about we go this way, I know there's a short cut here." He said as he pointed to the other street. They passed the construction site and Kiku noticed people pointing up in the sky to see a debris falling. Kiku ducked but he never had time to save Maria who was the one that the debris fell onto. It pierced through her skin. The people's screams and rustling trees are the only one that made noise.

"This is no dream" The other Kiku appeared with the same smile. Kiku's vison was slowly darkening and the last thing he saw was his crush's smile and fell unconscious.

Kiku woke up again, on his bed and looked at the time and date 'What, how can this be?! It's still the same!'  He got out of bed and replayed what he did on those two dreams.

Before Maria reached out to pick up the cat, Kiku gripped her shoulder. "Please, let's just go home, it's getting hotter by the minute" He said, bangs shading his face.

"O-okay" Maria replied and they went through a foot bridge over the street they usually take. Halfway up the stairs, Maria tripped and fell down the stairs. She hit the bottom with a sickening  Crack!. Kiku already smelled the blood from the bottom. He looked up to see his other self smiling. His vision blurred. Everytime He woke up and the same incident kept on reapeating. He did everything to save the young Filipina, but luck wasn't on his sideand Maria kept on dying in anyway you can think.

Kiku had enough of it. There's only one way to stop this' He thought He looked to his side. Seeing the first incident that happened. The truck incident. Hesitating he chased Maria while she chased her cat. He finally reached her and shoved her aside making him crashing into the truck instead. Their past flashed into the two asians minds. Kiku faced Maria. The wide eyed girl watched being helpless. Kiku mouthed...'I Love You'  to her and the truck crashed into him. Last thing he saw was his darker self's mouth agape 'Serves you right' He said to his heat haze and his lover trying to muffle a sob. And one thing that surprised him was:

Maria's Heat haze.

"Noooooo!" The Filipina screamed. She looked at her side and saw other self. "This is no lie" She said and smiled.

On August 14,

a young filipina woke up in her room in an asylum's ward. She gazed at the summer sky with tear filled eyes. She cradled a single cat. She said, "I failed this time too..."
Yeah after you read this you can shoot me now... *Le cries in the corner for killing Piri repeatedly and Nihon-sama TT^TT*
Yeah I don't own anything but my OC Philippines
Preview pic is from the video of heat haze days


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Heat Haze Days (c) :iconvocaloidplz:
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