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Alluring Secret, Black Vow
The wingless fallen angel
Surrendered herself to the contract of evil
In the past they even loved each other
She ended it by her own hand
The broken hearted angel sat at the edge of a cloud. She had fought  with her lover and left her filled with grief. The weight of her heart made her plummet down to earth…

She lost consciousness as she landed into the graveyard.

Next thing she knew, she was woken up by a sweet voice.

"Naku po! Miss, ok ka lang?" The girl asked.

She then looked up to see a girl with beautiful golden brown eyes and long dark brown hair gathered in a loose bun. She wore a simple black dress. But that did not stop the fallen angel from blushing.

"Oh, sorry I didn't know you don't speak my language. What I said: Are you okay, miss?" She asked in a sweet voice.

"Umm.. Hai- I-I mean y-yes." The angel stuttered, still mesmerized by the young girl before her. "What is your name?" The girl asked. She had to think what her name was when she was alive.

She finally recalled that it's:
"Sakura Nichiko" She said with cheeks turning pink.

"what a beautiful name" Maria complemented. "My name is Maria Clara Dela Cruz"

'A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.' Sakura thought.

"I have to go back now, I have to go to church." The brown-haired girl waved good-bye to her and went inside the church.

Knowing that it is forbidden in the realms for an angel to fall in love with a human. Especially with the same gender. But she was madly in love with the Filipina she refused to push away her feelings.

'There is only one thing to do' She said to herself. Sakura got up and flew up. But instead of going back to Heaven, she went to the last she ever wanted to go;

She hesitated going inside the volcano. But soon made up her mind and went down. She soon stopped and meeting a young man with white-blonde hair and pink-and-blue eyes under thick eyebrows and he had a heavy british accent.

"Hello, Oliver" Sakura greeted the devil.

"'Ello, love. What can I do for you?" He greeted and smiled, that sadistic smile of his.

"I want to become male." She requested gathering up all her courage.

"What made you think about that?" Oliver asked.

"I met this girl…" She said her voice trailing off

"A girl? Is it one of your angel friends?" The demon asked.
"Um… No"
"It can't possibly be anyone from here. Because you don't need to change your gender for that." He stated.

"No, she's a human" She finally managed to tell him.

"A human girl?!" The blonde questioned her and gave a hearty laugh. "Foolish girl! You are not even allowed to 'like' a human.  I'm not allowed to do such a thing either!"

"Please just help me" She begged

"Of course I can! The real question is…What's the price?"

"What do you want from me?"

"Your wing" He smirked.

"Fine" Sakura agreed.

"All you just have to do is close your eyes and stand still. And think of the last place where you met the girl" The brit instructed.

She did what she was told.

"I'm ready" She confirmed. Heart beating faster with nervousness.

With a snap of his fingers the angel was beginning to spin. She went faster and faster. Becoming more masculine in each turn. Oliver gripped the right wing and it was snapped right off and sent her hurtling
out of the volcano.

"And if you need me. Just call out my name and I'll come"  Oliver reminded her.


When Sakura woke up she-no-he was back at the graveyard. A sharp pain ran through his back. When he checked that there was no one around, he carefully tucked the remaining wing under his shirt.

And walked over towards the fountain to look at his new reflection. He was content. Though he still look a bit feminine. But still it's better than nothing. When he noticed a figure of black. He turned around to see Maria standing behind the exit of the chapel. But she was wearing a veil.

"Hello miss." He greeted her.

"Um…Hello" Maria looked into the former angel's chocolate brown eyes.

"I-is there something wrong miss?" He asked.

"N-no…It's just that…You look somewhat familiar" the Filipina said.

"Maybe you just saw me the other day" He reasoned.

"Siguro. Ah! I mean maybe" She said slightly embarrassed. "My name is Maria Clara Dela Cruz, by the way" She added while looking down.

He had to come up with a name. Luckily he prepared a name before he made the deal.

"My name is Kiku Honda" He replied with a warm smile.

Kiku then took hold of Maria's hand and kissed it gently, not just out of love but also with respect.As he looked up to see Maria smiling and blushing.

"May I ask where you are heading?"

Maria looked around as if she committed a crime. Then took off her veil and said "Nowhere in particular…" She replied feeing uncertain.

"Are you sure about that?" He asked making sure.

"Y-yes" She replied. Looking down.

Kiku blushed and looked towards his feet, thinking that this was too good to be true before trying to muster an important question.

"W-would you like to go out with me then?" He finally asked.

Her eyes widen. Kiku prepared himself for her reply.

"Of course" She smile warmly.

"R-really" He said. It was all too good to be true.

"S-sure why not. You seem like a nice guy…"
A month has passed since Kiku and Maria got together, and each day was better than the last. They took  walks in the park, had picnics, and talked for hours about their past.

Kiku discovered that Maria is a widow, which explains the black dress and had been looking for someone that could heal her aching heart and take her sadness and loss away.

He had to come up a story about his past to hide the fact that he was an angel. He told Maria that he was only a servant in a rich man's home and he was relieved of
his duties and was forced to find a new home.

Maria bought  every word he said, so desperate  to be happy like he was, and when nightfall came, they retired to her household and got involved in other activities.

Since Maria lived alone, she didn't have a guest bed to prepare for Kiku. Kiku insisted on sleeping on the couch or on the floor, trying his best not to sound rude or rushed, but Maria lured him into her room and lay down on the bed in a seductive matter.
It didn't take long for him to give in.

Since then, they made forbidden love every night, their screams of pleasure echoing throughout the house.

At first, it was a little unusual for Kiku, since he had never had intercourse as a man before, but he easily got the hang of it over time.

He always kept his shirt on so that his left wing remained hidden, and
it never seemed to bother Maria.

Sometimes, they went for up to three rounds before finally
collapsing on the bed in exhaustion.

It felt so bad, but so good at the same time.

Kiku noticed something odd in recent days, however. Maria's smile was becoming less genuine the more time they spent together, and it worried him greatly. He wanted to ask what was wrong, but at the same time, he didn't want to upset her and risk losing her forever. So he stayed silent, but that didn't stop fate from striking him down.

On a bright sunny day. Kiku and Maria were asleep on a blanket they laid in the grass, when suddenly a Tall, blonde haired man approached them. Kiku started to wake up. He thought he'd seen Oliver but to his dismay it was;


It was Arthur Kirkland. The same angel who broke his heart and leading him to this fate.
"My damned brother told me everything… I was looking desperately for you so I could apologize, so we could be together again...but then I find out that you're already with someone else, a human no less!
How do you think that makes me feel?"

"Wait, no! I can explain!" He exclaimed.

"I really wish I didn't have to do this, but you're leaving me with no other choice..."
In a blink of an eye, Arthur drew a revolver, aimed it at Maria, and fired. She immediately
woke up, only to find that it was too late. The blast excited Kiku's wing, now black from his great sin, and it opened up out of his shirt, instantly blowing his cover in front of her.

"I'm sorry, Sakura, but this is for your own good", he stated with a single tear crawling down his face,

"You might not be able to go back home by yourself, but we can go back together. We can forget about all this and absolve you of it, as if it never happened...just let me know when you're ready."

He then walked over to a large tree and waited. By this point, Kiku had changed back into Sakura, and both she and her human lover cried as Maria lay dying. Sakura didn't have enough energy to save her, thanks to her taken wing, but she knew there was but one other option.


Right I the nick of time, the demon arrived before her. As Sakura held Maria's half-lifeless body.

"You called?"

"Oliver, I don't want her to die because of what I have done." She said as tears streaming down her face.

"What are you asking me?"

"I-I want to die in her place" She said between sobs.

This statement made the brit's smile wide.

"Ah, I do realize what this means for you, don't you?"

"I know, I know, just do it already!" She snapped

"Very well."

And Oliver immediately got to work, sending the bullet flying out of Maria's chest and healing her wounds with a sharp snap of the fingers.

Arthur, not really paying much attention up to this point, noticed what was happening and raced towards them, pleading for it to stop, but it was of no use.

As Maria's vision became clearer, she could see Sakura holding her hand and kissing it for the last time beforeOliver snapped off her other wing and she disappeared, leaving nothing but a single dark feather behind.

For you see, an angel without wings is a lost soul, and all lost souls end up in Hell.

Oliver also disappeared to join Sakura, and Arthur wailed in agony, knowing that he would never be able to be with his love again. He eventually disappeared, too, and after putting the pieces together, Maria sobbed into her hands, depressed with no one to comfort her. Sakura knew that she was in great pain, but even as Oliver got on top of her and forced her shirt off, she also knew that eventually they'd be together again, since they eternally shared the same great sin…
:iconyusplz: I have finally made a :iconpirihonplz: fanfic and it's a song-fic too!! (killing to birds with one stone FTW)
I feel bad for killing Japan or Philippines :iconcraiplz: And yeah Oliver is 2p!England's human name (as you can see) and yes my OTP for yaoi is Iggypan (or Asakiku whatever you call it)
The preview pic is a screenshot from the music video of Black vow, Alluring Secret by The Kagamine Twins :D
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Black vow, Alluring Secret (c) :iconvocaloidplz:
Idea (c) :iconpercabethshipper22:
:iconphilippinesplz: (c) :iconpercabethshipper22:

Want more Songfic of PiriHon?

October: [link]
Safe and Sound: [link]
Only Exception: [link]
Heat Haze Days:[link]
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