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~Percy's POV
Andy's Creepy Little Stalker~

Andy has been really weird today. I mean she's just dazed while we were walking and the two weren't even noticing it?! "Hey, according to my instincts there's a bit of light in the next turn down the left!" Rachel said excitedly .

"Alrighty!" Andy said enthusiastically. I'm happy she's out of her daze it really makes me worry.

So in a few hours and some small talks we finally found a way out. I gazed at Andy but as I looked she was not in her spot but running out to the fresh air.So, Andy, Annabeth, Rachel and Iran with Andy and finally smell the fresh air of the forest.

"Finally I'm free!!!" Andy shouted in the open air.

Well who would never do that when yous see sunlight after a whole under a tunnel of endless choosing.

"Well I guess she could stay for some fresh air" Annabeth said which made me jump because I saw her right next to me. " Why would you say that?"I asked."Its because I could see a tunnel right over thre" She pointed. " Oh that's just cruel..." I mumbled.  

As I looked where Andy was going, and the next you know it she was gone! " Ummm... Where's Andy???" I said nervously. Panic was beginning to rise I called Annabeth and Rachel to help me find her. "Andy!" I shouted in the open field but there was no answer.

"Andy!" I shouted again "Andy where are you!".

"Help!" I heard as someone scream. " Help!!!". I followed where  the scream and the next thing you now it. I saw Andy being helped by Annabeth and Rachel because a boy was clinging on her leg.

"Let go off me you zombie freak!" She said while she swings her sword frantically. He was terribly wounded I looked at the wounded boy thoroughly and realized that:

"It's Nico!" I said "What?!" The girls sounded shocked.

"It's true!" A boy came out of the bushes, he had curly brown hair, a cheerful babyish and a mischivous smile. " Hey Leo, what are you doing here?" I asked "Whoa, whoa, wait hold up!" Andy said " Who's Leo?"

"Oh right, Leo, this is Andy, Daughter of Poseidon" I said " Andy, this is Leo, Son of Hephaestus" "Nice to meet you Andy" Leo said "Same here" Andy said and they both shook hands. I saw

Nico gaining conciousness "uuuuuhhhh..." Nico moaned "Ahh!!" Andy screamed and hit Nico Back to unconciousness. " Oh wait I forgot he's Nico, oops..."

After a few hours Nico finally woke up just in time for dinner. "Whoever hit me on the head really owe me a lot!"

He said while rubbing his head."Well you're just in time for dinner" Annabeth said "Andy here made this wonderful stew she calls it Caldereta it's like chicken stew only with tomato sauce" I glanced at Andy who was looking guilty while eating her food. "Speaking of which" I said "how did you get beaten up like that?".

" Ok so here's the story" Nico said.  
Finally the moment you've been waiting for Andy and Nico seeing each other again for those fangirls out there squeel as much as you can and also I don't want to be the spoiler but I'll just say it there's a small surprise in this chapter so you better start reading this (problem spoiler readers?:icontrollfaceplz: )

Andy cooked the food and nursed Nico's wound while Leo summoned a bonfire set for the cooking and of course he was the one who made the fire

Chapter 7: [link]

Chapter 9: [link]


:iconpercyjacksonplz: (c) Rick Riordan

Andy (c) :iconpercabethshipper22: Yeah Andy's my OC
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