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Well I'm sorry if your virgin eyes are ripped off! It's not my fault you chose to stalk my faves!


You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, slightly tugging at the dress you were currently wearing.

"You look really pretty, (Y/N)," you heard someone from behind you, it was your girlfriend, Natasha. You smiled appreciatively at her. "That's easy for you to say, Nat."

She chuckled and walked over to you with a curling iron, guiding you to a chair so she could fix your hair.

"You're the one who's pretty between the two of us," you muttered, glancing up at the redhead through the mirror. "Honestly, I don't understand why you're dating me when there are a lot of beautiful people." Natasha frowned, she kissed your cheek before going back to curling your hair.

"Maybe because I'm really into dorky girls," she replied. You chuckled then kept quiet, her answer not satisfying you.

What's with the dresses and hair styling you ask? Well it's Tony's usual extravagant parties to celebrate another successful upgrade on the Iron Man suit. Everyone was going, yes including the people who work for S.H.I.E.L.D. You were an agent from the said organization, that's where you met the ever-breath taking Black Widow.

Until this day, you still have no idea why she asked you out. Widow noticed your gaze, she took this as a chance to kiss your cheek. "What are you thinking about?"

Her the feel of her lips on your cheek snapped you from your trance, you smiled at her faintly then shook your head.

"Just thinking about the day you asked me out," you answered softly. She looked at you with that knowing gaze she would use to analyze a person before taking them out. Except, this was more tender. You noticed this then stood up. Natasha reached out to hold your hands and kissed them. You grinned at the display of affection then kissed her cheek in return.

"Shall we?" you asked her, hooking your arm with the female. She chuckled, going along with your little act.

"We shall," she replied before the two of you walked out the door.


Throughout the party, it was the usual socializing and drinking. Currently, you were at the bar, drinking some cocktail Clint made you. You scanned your surroundings while sipping the drink and spotted Natasha talking to one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s agents. You wouldn't mind it if only the man wasn't being a little too close for comfort towards your girlfriend. The look in his eyes looked like he really was interested in taking her home. Nat, however either didn't notice, or she just refused to acknowledge his body languages.

The longer you watch them the more you become insecure since the redhead looked so comfortable talking to the man. Although, afterwards, the male scowled at the Russian's statement, making him leave her and walked towards the direction of the bar. You turned around immediately, hoping he didn't notice your snooping. Thankfully, he didn't sit beside you, but you can still hear him clear as day.

" 'Can't believe Romanoff's already taken," he scoffed before ordering from the bartender a drink.

'He's probably talking to his friend,' You concluded while calling the bartender for another cocktail.

"Heard she's dating agent (Y/L/N)," the agent's friend said.

"Really?" A scoff. "I don't get it, why does she waste her time with a girl like her. What makes (Y/N) so different?"

A lump formed on your throat, nearly making you choke on your drink. The man was right. What made you stand out from everyone? Why did Natasha choose you over everyone else?

'She probably feels bad for you' A voice rang in your head. 'Maybe she never loved you. She just feels pity over you...' You set down the glass of alcohol before gripping it. Sighing shakily, you stood up, unaware that the redhead was about to approach you.

"(Y/N)!" She called out as she followed you out the door. You ignored her, continuing to walk to your room instead. But Natasha was persistent and she decided to quicken her pace to catch up. You heard her footsteps so you break into a run, thanking the gods whoever listened that you wore flats.
The next few weeks, you've been avoiding Natasha, pretending to run off to do some errands in the facility so you could avoid every room she was occupying.

Today, however, was going to be the last time you would do this.

It was a normal afternoon, and the Avengers were currently in a mission to stop another one of Hydra's doing so you were free to roam around and never worrying about hiding from a certain redheaded spy.

"(Y/N)!!" You heard the familiar voice of your girlfriend. You widened your eyes and frantically looked around for an escape. You decided to make a run for it to your room.

"Wait!" You heard her call out, but you still kept running.

You finally managed to reach your room but Widow stopped you from closing the door on her.

"Leave me alone, Nat..." You said, pushing the door closed. "Why are you here? I thought you were on a mission?"

"Not a chance," she smirked and forcefully pulled it open. "Also, I wasn't required on this assignment." The lump in your throat reformed, you hiccuped before flopping down on your bed. Natasha was confused but she sat on the side of your bed and lovingly stroking your hair.

"Tell me what's wrong, love," she said. You sat up, sniffling.

"Why me?" She tilted her head, puzzled. So you continued, "Why did you choose me over anyone?
I'm not that special, I'm just an average agent. I'm not physically enhanced, a prodigy nor am I experimented accidentally," you ranted but the Russian spy only cupped your cheek, wiping away your tears.

"I'm not pretty. I don't have the perfect body like you. I'm not good eno-" Black Widow cut you off by pressing her lips on yours. Seconds later, she pulled away. You were no longer talking, but continued sobbing quietly. Natasha pulled you in for a hug, letting your tears on fall her shoulder. She hummed a soft lullaby she once heard before speaking.

"Maybe I decided to date you because you're just... You." You looked up at her with a puzzled expression. She returned your gaze, "I love you, (Y/N). There are no words that could describe why or how much I love you. There's just something in your personality and attitude that made me fall. And I'm happy to embrace all your flaws."

You smiled at her, your lips quivering, a warning that a fresh batch of tears are falling. But they weren't tears of sadness like before. They were tears of joy, because you knew that this beautiful woman before you, loved you, with all your heart.

"God. I love you so much, Natasha Romanoff," you mumbled against her shoulder, making the aforementioned Avenger chuckle.

"I love you so much too, (Y/N)."
Natasha Romanoff x Reader: Good Enough
Hey guys so yeah I have tumblr acc for fandom imagines. If anyone's interested, go ask for a request at I would greatly appreciate it c:
“Wait what?!” You almost yelled at your Uncle Clint, who flinched at the volume of your voice.

“Pietro’s going with you,” He repeated as he regained his composure.

“But why? I’m perfectly capable of taking care of three children on my own,” You replied, crossing your arms and turning your chin up proudly Here we go again, your beloved uncle was always protective of you. You think it’s sweet, but sometimes it could be annoying since you think you can’t handle things on your own. Besides, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your crush, Pietro Maximoff.

Ah yes, the Sokovian speedster had always gotten your attention, with his messy, silver hair, his attractive, Eastern European accent, not to mention those toned muscles under his usual tight–

“(Y/N)!” You heard your uncle snap you out of your daydream. “Did you hear what I said?”

“U-uh… um… Yeah!” You stammered and smiled at him nervously. Clint simply rolled his eyes and sighed.

“I said: you get your stuff ready and we’ll leave by 6:30 in the evening,” He said in his deadpan tone.

“Yes, sir!” You mocked salute before walking back to your room. Once you arrived, you took a deep breath and sighed dramatically, knowing that Sonic’s gonna ruin your fun with the kids by distracting you with his looks.

Once you’re packed up and ready to go, you went inside the quinjet, surprised to see a certain speedster and your uncle.

“Good evening, printsessa,” Pietro grinned when he saw you. You suppressed a blush and nodded at him as a greeting.

“You kids ready?” Clint asked as he pressed random buttons to start the quinjet. You both rushed to the empty seats and buckled yourselves up. You absolutely can’t wait to see the kids again. Unknown to you, Pietro was glancing at you in the corner of his yes and smiled softly, amused at your giddiness.

As the jet landed, you immediately got out of your seat, grabbed your bag and practically ran out to their humble farm house.

When you ran into their yard, you were greeted by Cooper and Lila, their little arms wrapped around your waist.

“(Y/N)!! We missed you!” They said as you knelt down to give them a proper hug.

“I missed you too, you little rascals!” You said, playfully ruffling their hair. Your little reunion was short lived when the two children saw someone behind you.

“PIETRO!” They screamed before running into him, giving the same greeting you had received earlier.

You stood up from your position and saw Laura on the porch, cradling little Nathaniel in her arms. You walked towards her, giving her a kiss on the cheek as a greeting.

“Hey there little guy!” You cooed as you smiled at the youngest Barton, which made the woman before you giggle. “How are you, Aunt Laura?”

“Oh you know, the usual, taking care of children, this time three,” She shrugged, before letting you gather the baby in your arms to give hers a rest. “Come on in, guys!” Laura called out at her children, Clint and Pietro.


“You sure you go everything alright?” Laura said for the umpteenth time.

“I got this, Aunt Laura. Pizza number’s on the fridge, both of your number’s on speed dial along with SHIELD’s and always hide a knife behind your back before opening the door,” you said memorizing their instructions by heart due to being frequently called to babysit the Barton kids.

“And keep the car keys while hiding to make an intruder think that someone’s coming home,” Pietro added, earning a satisfying nod from the couple. Both Clint and Laura hugged you, making you smile at them.

“Okay okay, now have fun you two,” you said as you pulled away. You watched them drive off, the two children also saying goodbye, waving at them. Once they were off your field of vision, you quickly turned to Lila and Cooper.

“Now who’s up for some fun and sweets?” you asked them cheekily.

“WE DO! WE DO!” They chanted.

“Great, now set up the pillow fort, I’ll be right there in a sec,” you instructed them, the kids smiled brightly before running up to their room. You chuckled, putting your hands on your hips.

“You’re pretty great with children,” A voice said from behind you. You turned around and saw the owner of the voice. You blushed and smiled bashfully at Pietro.

“Y-yeah… I’ve been taking care of them ever since I could remember,” you shrugged, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly.

“I think it’s pretty cute,” he commented, walking close to you. You felt your heart beat a hundred times faster at his statement. You looked up, meeting his electric blue eyes.

“(Y/N)! Can we have some popcorn?” You heard Cooper call out from upstairs, making you both snap out of your trance.

“I’ll go get the popcorn, you can go and join them,” he said, already dashing to the kitchen before you could reply. You sighed, slapping your cheeks softly to keep you from getting too flustered to function. You ran upstairs and entered Lila and Cooper’s room, seeing a sloppily made blanket and pillow fort.

“Can you help us with the, (Y/N)?” Lila asked you.

“Of course,” You smiled softly, taking the previously made fort down and trying to make a sturdier one. “Better?” they both nodded and crawled inside, and you followed suit.

“So, what do you wanna do?” You asked them.

“Can we play Peter Pan?” Lila asked, her eyes sparkling with hope.

“Oh! Can I be Peter?” Cooper’s hand shot straight up, making a giggle erupt from your throat and you nodded.

“Aw but I want to be Peter…” Pietro finally arrived with two bowls of popcorn, the Barton children cheered at the sight of the snack and Sonic, you guessed. The silver-haired Sokovian handed the bowls to them before dashing in the forth.

“Pietro, you’ll be Captain Hook, I’ll be Tinker Bell,” Lila pointed, making Pietro pout at his role.

“And (Y/N) is Wendy!” Cooper finished his mouth full of popcorn.

“I guess I can work with that,” You shrugged, hugging your knees to your chest.

“But I think it would make sense that I’m Peter,” the speedster explained. “My name is pretty close to Peter.”

The siblings looked at each other before speaking at the same time. “No.”

The young Avenger pouted, crossing his arms, you bumped your shoulder against his, “C’mon, Speedy, it’ll be fun!” You exclaimed, following the children out of their pillow fort, the tall male finally catching up. As everyone finally set up, you started your little play where Peter meets Wendy and helps him with his shadow. Pietro hasn’t arrived yet because you three hadn’t “arrived” to Neverland.

He watched you jump up and down, pretending to fly, occasionally being showered with Lila’s “Pixie Dust” which is just gold glitter. You two would stop playing some time to check on Nathaniel, and then you would resume your little game.

You had finally reached to the climax of your story, where you attack Captain Hook’s ship.

“I’ll get you for this, Peter Pan!!” the Sokovian shouted, pointing his hook hand at the little boy, you had to stifle laughter at his acting skills. You three climbed up the bed, preparing to jump

“Chaaarge!!!” the little boy commanded, You, Cooper, and Lila pounced on Pietro, making him fall on his back, the three of you trying to pin him down.

“I surrender!” the speedster said as he laughed loudly.

“Release the crocodile, Wendy!” Lila said and you stood up, grabbing the crocodile stuffed toy then threw it at Pietro’s face. The young man screamed in agony as the toy pretended to eat his face; you and the children stood up and watched the scene unfold with a satisfying grin. Once he was truly defeated, he laid limp, his tongue sticking out for better acting. You cheered with the Barton children at you victory, carrying Cooper so he could pretend to fly like Peter, then switching to Lila as she wanted to be like Tink.

Finally, it was time for bed, Pietro checked up on Nathaniel again, while you tucked the older children in their beds.

“Tells us a bed time story, like what Wendy would do with the Lost Boys,” Lila said sleepily, you smiled softly.

“What do you want me to tell then?”

“Something with dragons, but not evil dragons, good ones,” Cooper requested, You hummed in thought before settling between their beds.

“Okay, I have one.

There’s a place called Berk” You started with a hushed voice. “It’s twelve days North of Hopeless, and few degrees South of freezing to death…” You continued the introduction, unknown to you, Pietro watched you from the hallway, wholeheartedly telling your story at the children who paid attention to you, but slowly drifting to sleep. That’s where he knew, he was truly in love with you.
Pietro x Reader: Faith, Trust, And Pixie Dust

Ai'ght this is so fun to write! Especially bc Peter Pan's like, my childhood crush holy fuck--

If you guys enjoy that, comment or something. I might make a sequel, there's already someone who suggested that I should. What about you guys? Do you want to have a second one owo?

UGHU UwU by percabethshipper22
You guys remember Andy right?

that little shit of an OC that I made a while back for a Percy Jackson Fanfic?

well guess what

I turned her into a dude

bc yaoi. (Nico is forever their bae) So yeah, and I changed his last name because Andy Gomez sounds stupid. 

S/he still has the half bangs, but for a reason. The other eye is blind owo

Sorry, if the quality sucks, I used my camera because I'm using a sketchbook and I don't wanna ruin it by ripping it off and using the scanner
[x] You get bad grades. 
[x] You have had a pet die. 
[/] You cry yourself to sleep at night. ( sometimes yea)
[ ] Your parents are divorced.
[ ] One or both of your parents are dead.
[x] People think you should be happier. 
[ ] You don't have that many friends.
[ ] You have never been out of the country.
[ ] You have never been out of the state. 
[/] You are allergic to a food.  (I used to does that count?)
[ ] You are allergic to fur.
[x] You worry too much.
Total so far: 4

[ ] You always feel sad.  
[x] You think you're bad at what you do.
[ ] You are afraid of the dark.
[ ] You are afraid of heights. 
[ ] You don't have a pet.
[x] You have had a dream where somebody died.
[ ] You have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend. 
[ ] You have less than 3 friends in real life.
[ ] You don't get an allowance. 
[ ] You don't get food everyday. 
[x] You are shy around new people.
[ ] You get bullied. 
Total so far: 7

[x] You don't have your own room.
[ ] You don't have a cell phone. 
[ ] You wish you didn't have a sibling. 
[ ] You wish you had another sibling.
[x] You are an only child.
[ ] Sad music makes you cry. 
[ ] Sad movies make you cry. 
[ ] You have been to the hospital. 
[x] Somebody in your family smokes.
[ ] Somebody in your family is an alcoholic.
[ ] You have been in a car accident. 
[ ] Somebody in your family has been in a car accident. 
Total so far: 10

[ ] You have many chores. 
[x] You have had a bad sickness.
[x] You have been in a bad storm. 
[x] People think you're crazy.
[ ] You have never been to a concert. 
[ ] You don't have cable. 
[ ] You don't have a Facebook. 
[ ] You fear your death. 
[x] You don't believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa/Tooth Fairy.
[x] You have been rejected by your crush. 
[x]You sit alone at large groups of people. 
[x] You look at the ground when you walk. 
Total so far: 17

[ ] You have written a sad song. 
[x] You have a small house.
[ ] You never met your dad/mom.
[ ] You have never been to Disney Land/World. 
[ ] You have never seen a play.
[ ] You don't have a good relationship with one or more of your family members.
[/] You can't sing. (i don't think I can)
[ ] Your parents are unemployed.
[x] One or both of your grandparents are dead on your dads side. 
[ ] One or both of your grandparents are dead on your moms side.
[ ] You don't get parties on your birthday.
[x] People have judged you by how you look. (I think so)
Total so far: 20.5

TOTAL: 20.5
Now take that total and multiply it by 2

New total: 41
Post title as "My life is ___% Sad"

Eh that's not so bad.
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