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Well I'm sorry if your virgin eyes are ripped off! It's not my fault you chose to stalk my faves!
i don't know what this is... but i'm doing this anyway. let's go.

Obligatory Rule Posting:
  • You MUST post these rules.
  • Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
  • Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people your tag will have to answer.
  • Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal. 
  • Go to their page to inform them they are tagged. 
  • Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
  • You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
  • No tag-backs.
  • You can't say you don't do tags. 
Part one:

1. I am a dog disguised as a human :iconwowdogeplz:
2. I've cosplayed Armin Arlert once but the make up was a WIP *cries in a corner* </small>
3. My current anime is No. 6, Psycho Pass and Mekaku City Actors
4. My new art style right now is inspire by Shingeki no Kyojin
5. Until now I still have that void that needed to be filled thanks to the anime mentioned in #4
6. I currently RP in Twitter it's listed in my home page
7. I love listening to Punk goes Pop. It's pretty awesome try it out O7O (my personal fave is You Belong With Me)
8. Try'na be a trap but mutti doesn't let me
9. I am always cold despite being indoors TT_TT
10. There's nothing else to say is there?

Part 2: Questions by :iconthegermanicpastaface:
1. What do you think of swords?

2. Is hitler moe or not?
-Maybe? Idkkaaaayyy

3. who is your waifu or husbando for today?
:iconwth-haruko-chan: she is not my waifu for today. She is my waifu foreeeevvvveeerrr *w*:iconsheplz://shot 

4. what's your pet?
-Back in the Philippines I have a Shi-tzu named Piper... QAQ but now my aunt's dashchund (Idk the spelling) is considered my pet

5. how do you sleep? :icondoge2plz:
-What. Is. Sleep? owe *aggressively drinks coffee*

6. who is your 2P?/ What is your second persona's name
-Hmmmm... I guess Kyla, s/he's my gay side with a good fashion sense I must admit. Give me chocolate to talk to her

7. What was the last book you've read (can be a graphical one) :iconpedomurkplz:
-Does fanfiction count? if it does It's a Craig x Tweek fanfic with a mix of Kenny x Kyle OuO if Fanfics doesn't count it's The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels

8. what type of artist are you?
- Traditional Artist?

9. do you think you're my senpai or i'm your senpai? (not implying anything here. for funz guys, for funz)
- You are my senpai~
My only senpai~

10. do you like pasta? :iconreactionguys2:

THAT'S ALL I DUN DO TAGS I ISH TO LAZY-//*fabulous kick'd*

  • Mood: Llama
  • Listening to: Opening of No. 6
  • Reading: K2 Fanfics (South Park)
  • Watching: South Park and No.6
  • Eating: OREOS and NUTELLA


percabethshipper22's Profile Picture
Sekai Fujikage
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
USA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designSpanish lang2 by Faeth-design
Well um... I'll kep this short and simple.

Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-art

I'm Sekai Fujikage (not real name) I'm XX and I'm an awkward turtle who's having fun with pens and paper. I love RP-ing so you're welcome to Rp with me here, or in Twitter (accounts are below)

I'm Either/Neither gay nor/ or am I Lesbian. Yeah... confusing isn't it? XD

:iconaliceskellington: My Best Friend since I was in elementary. She's awesome but once she goes in a fandom she convinces people to fangirl with her
:iconainalycyclamen: Still my friend but no longer my waifu, we divorced a few months ago lol. But she's still awesome as always, though going to be a little sane ||Orz
:iconmairuchi: Is my friend that's from another country. We don't see face to face. She's more of a pen pal or Chat pal to be specific
:iconwth-haruko-chan: New Waifu~!! well yeah, Aina and I are no longer waifu and husbando. Geez you guys need to be updated. Anyway yeah, new wiafu and a cool artist who's probably more yandere-ish than me XD But she's too adorable. Touch her and you'll regret it O u e

My first plz account :D> :iconpirihonplz: ((and yes I worship PiriHon than TaiPan-gags- deal with it!)
Other plz accout > :iconrussiapuppyeyesplz:
'Notha plz account > :iconjapankolkolplz:

Just call me Sekai if you want to =w=

Twitter: Armin Arlert(RP)
Twitter: Kuro Honda (RP)
Twitter: Personal
Twitter: Switch RP (Currently Kenny McCormick):
Twitter: Hiccup Horendous Haddock III (RP):
Tumblr: 2p and Fem! America ask account:

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